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What is Buddy List on McAfee Mobile Security and how to use it?

McAfee Mobile Security is an excellent software that empowers you to protect your mobile devices from any kind of virus. In addition to this, you get various other features with your McAfee Mobile security software such as Buddy List. The Buddy list is a part of the McAfee software version earlier than 5.2 but is no longer available after upgrading to newer versions. When you install the McAfee Mobile security for the first time on your device, you are prompted to create a buddy list. This Buddy list contains the phone numbers of your trusted friends. You can add various numbers and later even update the Buddy list from the McAfee Mobile Security app.

The Buddies added to the Buddy list can help you unlock a device if you are unable to do it by yourself. You can easily send a temporary PIN to your friend in case your device is locked. Your buddies can also help you track your phone in case it was stolen.

Contact McAfee Australia if you want to know about other features available on McAfee Mobile Security.

There are various benefits of the Buddy list, so follow the steps mentioned below if you want to enable the Buddy list on your McAfee Mobile Security software.

Steps to use the Buddy List on McAfee Mobile Security

  • Open the McAfee Mobile Security on your device by tapping on its icon from Home Screen.
  • Tap on the MENU option from the top of the screen.
  • Now, select the SETTINGS option by tapping from this section.
  • Head down and select the GENERAL SETTINGS option from within Settings.
  • Locate the REVIEW YOUR BUDDY LIST option from the screen and open it by tapping.
  • Here, begin to add people to the Buddy List and update it as per your requirements. 

Note: Buddy list feature for McAfee Mobile security is not available for EU country users due to their privacy policies.

The Buddy list feature may not work in all scenarios and sometimes you may experience problems while using it. If that’s the case, then please dial our Mcafee Customer Support Australia for immediate assistance. We will help you fix all your queries and provide you with the most appropriate course of action in no time.

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